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Diagnostic Imaging Referrals

Diagnostic Imaging Referrals

An image can tell us important things we need know in order to determine the best course of action. You can get a referral for X-ay, Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) from our authorized physiotherapists.

For some injuries, an image helps with an accurate diagnosis, an appropriate treatment plan or a necessary referral.

Bone and joint integrity is best seen through X-rays. We look for fractures, dislocations, or detecting signs of osteoarthritis.

Soft tissues like muscles and tendons, particularly those close to the surface, are best examined by Ultrasound. We use it to discover things like rotator cuff tears, torn hamstring muscle and rupture of the plantar fascia.

Tissues deeper within the body, including nerves, tendons, muscle and cartilage are most visible in an MRI. Knee ligament damage, spinal nerve root impingements and shoulder labral tears are the typical kinds of injuries we see with MRI.

Your physiotherapist will determine whether diagnostic imaging is warranted, and the appropriate test for uncovering clinically useful information. Imaging results provide critical information for your optimal treatment.

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