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Yoga Therapist

“I find traditional yoga therapy to be almost magical”
- Debbie

Debbie McDougallCalgary Yoga TherapistDip DT, CYT

Meet Debbie

“I believe feeling better in your body is an ageless activity, and one that I am passionate about guiding clients towards for ultimate health.” 

A professional for 15 years, Debbie is recognized nation-wide for expertly balancing the muscular systems and aligning the skeletal systems of professional athletes, ballet and modern dancers, non-athletic professionals, retirees, and those struggling with chronic issues.

Debbie's background in advanced Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, and Yoga Therapy are complimented by her study of human anatomy with Todd Garcia (Human Dissection Master, Colorado), Rudolf Laban movement analysis, Alexander Technique, Irene Dowd and Skinner Release Techniques to blend traditional practices with current anatomical knowledge.

Over the last 10 years, Debbie has acquired extensive knowledge in pre- and post-natal care. As a yogic birth coach (Dhrati), she understands the physical activity needs during such exciting times.

A professional ballet and modern dancer for 25 years, Debbie looks forward to helping you resume professional and recreational activity.

I appreciate the way Debbie focuses on safety and proper body alignment above all else. She individualizes the yoga practice to each client to ensure they are on the correct path to progress and healing. I have trained with Debbie for 10 years, and her direct approach quickly made me trust her to care for and teach my body healthy movements.” - Genevieve M., 33, RN, BScN, CCN(C), active in weight training, intensity interval training, yoga, and chasing after a toddler.
Debbie has an impressive understanding of anatomy and its relationship to yoga poses. She has a very analytical mind and understands the biomechanics of movement well. Training with Debbie for many years, I know she is caring and takes the trust placed in her by clients very seriously.” - Annick D., 51, Registered Physiotherapist, active in running, road and mountain biking, swimming, yoga, cross-country and downhill skiing, kayaking and backpacking
Her knowledge of yogic philosophy and mindfulness practice brings a deeper level to her offerings. Her ability to make adjustments, support clients through injury and to help people move forward in their practice, is unsurpassed in my experience.” - Dr. Christy B., 41, Registered Psychologist, active in yoga, hiking, canoeing, and skiing
I was a student with Debbie for many years, and graduated from her Yoga Teacher Training program. I have seen Debbie guide people through post-partum rehab, post surgical rehab, achieve joint range of motion in spite of arthritis as well as overcome the worst of all impediments – mental inhibitions or fears surrounding past injury. She has such a keen eye for movement issues and a kind and open heart, and she forms and nurtures amazing relationships with her clients." - Tamsyn H., 40, Certified Pedorthist, active in running, cycling, skiing, and yoga
Deb is a caring, informative, and motivating yoga instructor/therapist. Equally as important Deb is a wonderful human being. Each session focuses on my back and hip, as I had my hip replaced a number of years ago. The poses increase the mobility of both my hip and spine.” - Peter C., 57, Business Professional, active in golfing, tennis, and road biking
I first met Debbie when I started taking private yoga lessons from her. I did this for 7 years, and it was a great benefit for me to have such an excellent and caring teacher. I have great respect for Debbie’s professionalism, and her concern and care for her clients’ welfare.” - Kay G., 77, Retired Registered Nurse, active in yoga, golf, and swimming.
I’d seen a doctor, and had supposedly mended my broken collarbone. I had a rounded shoulder with no strength. My body was out of alignment. I knew this was not how I wanted to move forward with my body. I knew from my fitness background that my body was not right, but no one was willing to take the time to make me whole again. Debbie did.  She took the time and effort to make me balanced and strong. I trust her! She takes the time to honour all of her clients’ needs. Debbie is one of the most honest and caring human beings I know. She has a special gift. I am so thankful she is in my life. My only wish is to spend more time with her." - Kim C., School Teacher and Fitness Instructor